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CoyPu Knowledge Graph Documentation

This is a work-in-progress documentation of the CoyPu Knowledge Graph, generously hosted by HiTeC at University of Hamburg.

Knowledge Graph

The CoyPu knowledge graph represents a low-granularity macro model of the global economy. It covers countries, industrial sectors, critical infrastructure, recent events and other related entities - highly interlinked and enriched with supplemental data.


  • Unified access to 50+ interlinked and enriched open data sources
  • All data is both machine and human readable
  • Daily global event and news updates
  • Automatic inferencing of data attribution and licenses (work in progress)
  • Build entirely on open source software and compliant with public standards


Skynet is the CoyPu main knowledge graph server and SPARQL endpoint. You can select any data in the graph via SPARQL and download the result in CSV / JSON / XLS.

Web Interface:

SPARQL Endpoint:

The main graph for internal CoyPu use is coypu-internal, which is only accesible when authorized and its usage is licensed for project partners and their subcontractors only. A public endpoint with a reduced subset of data is under development. This graph is updated daily. Please refer to the Sample Queries for some examples.

A static version of the graph for research use is available under coypu-internal-static, last updated on 24.02.2023.

A useful tool for exploring the CoyPu Knowledge Graph is the visual graph explorer (based on OntoDia), using the same login credentials.

Graph Explorer:


A list of currently used data sources, their licenses and relevant RDF mapping scripts can be found in the Data Sources Overview.

If you want to visualize data from the CoyPu Knowledge Graph with some external tool, please refer to the Visualizations Guide.


The COY ontology is intended as a live data model of the CoyPu Knowledge Graph.

Documentation & Download:

Please refer to the Naming Policy for details on formatting and contributing.

Analytics & APIs

A list of currently available API services, as well as their required inputs and expected outputs can be found in the Skynet API Overview.

Sample prompts for the Coypu LLM can be found in the Prompting Overview.


Knowledge graphs may be created using any RDF-compatible toolkit. An overview of the current architecture can be found in the Skynet Architecture Overview.

The various open source tools used within the CoyPu project are listed in the External Repositories Overview.

Another popular data transformation suite is eccenca Corporate Memory, which is licensed for usage by all project partners.

Simple visualizations and dashboards can be prototyped in Redash and many interactive CoyPu demonstrators are already available. For creating your own widgets and querires, select SKYNET as endpoint to access the CoyPu knowledge graph.

A popular SPARQL interface and visualization tool is YasGUI (see here for configuration details).

Knowledge graphs from various SPARQL endpoints, such as on-premise internal an external sources, might be combined with a federated query engine like the open source DeTrusty.

An overview of various Skynet Internals can be found in the CoyPu Gitlab.