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CoyPu Knowledge Graph Documentation

This is a documentation of the CoyPu Knowledge Graph, hosted by InfAI in Leipzig, Germany.

Knowledge Graph

The CoyPu knowledge graph represents a low-granularity macro model of the global economy. It covers countries, industrial sectors, critical infrastructure, recent events and other related entities - highly interlinked and enriched with supplemental data.


  • Unified access to 30+ interlinked and enriched open data sources
  • All data is both machine and human readable
  • Daily global event and news updates
  • Automatic inferencing of data attribution and licenses (work in progress)
  • Build entirely on open source software and compliant with public standards


  • Skynet is the CoyPu main knowledge graph server and SPARQL endpoint. You can select any data in the graph via SPARQL and download the result in CSV / JSON / XLS.
  • Web Interface:
  • SPARQL Endpoint:


A list of currently used data sources, their licenses and relevant RDF mapping scripts can be found in the Data Sources Overview.


The COY ontology is intended as a live data model of the CoyPu Knowledge Graph.

Documentation & Download:


The various open source tools used within the CoyPu project are listed in the External Repositories Overview.

A popular SPARQL interface and visualization tool is YasGUI (see here for configuration details).

Knowledge graphs from various SPARQL endpoints, such as on-premise internal an external sources, might be combined with a federated query engine like the open source DeTrusty.

An overview of various Skynet Internals can be found in the CoyPu Gitlab.