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External Repositories Overview



Tool URL
Jena patches - ongoing contributions to Jena Semantic Web Framework
Jena Fuseki mods - ongoing modular Jena Fuseki SPARQL Server work
Jena eXtensions - many useful extension functions for Jena and SPARQL
RdfProcessingToolkit - SPARQL RDF and Mapping Processor
SANSA - parallel Tarql CSV to SPARQL Mapper
Conjure - RDF-SPARQL-RDF Workflow Processor
dcat-suite - RDF-DCAT Creation and CKAN Exporter Tool


Tool URL
Falcon - Entity and Relation Linking
DeTrusty - Federated Query Engine
SDM-RDFizer - Interpreter of RML Mapping Rules
Dragoman - Functional Mapping (RML) Interpreter
Trav-SHACL - SHACL Engine
Leibniz Data Manager
PINYON - Community Detection